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2009 Marotti Campi Lacrima di Morro d'Alba Orgiolo Marche (750ml)

The Lacrima grape is an ancient, indigenous and very flavorful grape grown in an area bordering the Morro d'Alba zone in the hills of the Marche region. The Marotti Campi Farm is located in the vicinity of Morro d'Alba where the soil is very fertile and has been historically dedicated to wine-growing. The Marotti Campi family has owned land here for more than a century, their 52 hectares now primarily used for production of wine.

Lacrima di Morro d' Alba "Orgiolo" is named after the medieval Castle located in Sant' Amico of Morro d' Alba, an enchanting village in the center of the Lacrima DOC territory. Lacrima is cultivated in a very restricted area. The maturation of the grapes is characterized by an evident "lacrima" (teardrop) of juice which oozes out of very ripe grapes. Orgiolo is the product of carefully selected grapes and long aging in wooden barrels. A distinctive wine with an intense bouquet of berries, roses, vanilla and roasted coffee. Soft, velvety, and full-flavored, this wine is best served with pasta and rice dishes, grilled red meats or roasted white meats. Villa Italia Importer

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