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Appleton Estate  - V/X Jamaican Rum (750ml)
Appleton Estate - V/X Jamaican Rum (750ml)
Varietal: Rum Size: 750ml
Appleton Estate, nestled in the lush and fertile Nassau Valley since 1749, enjoys the ideal micro-climate for growing sugar cane. Appleton Estate employs classic rum-making methods - a combination of small batch copper pot and... Read More
Current price:  $19.99
Myers's - Dark Rum Jamaica (750ml)
Myers's - Dark Rum Jamaica (750ml)
Varietal: Rum Size: 750ml
Since 1879 Myers's Rum Original Dark has been known as one of the darkest, full-bodied rums on the market. This Jamaican rum is a blend of rums made from fermented molasses. It is distilled in a traditional pot still and aged... Read More
Current price:  $19.99
Tia Maria - Coffee Liqueur (750ml)
Tia Maria - Coffee Liqueur (750ml)
Varietal: Cordials & Liqueurs Size: 750ml
Tia Maria from Jamaica is a dark coffee liqueur made from Jamaican Arabica Coffee Beans and sugarcane spirit infused with vanilla. Its aroma offers the smell of freshly roasted coffee with hints of chocolate and vanilla. Tia Maria... Read More
Current price:  $24.99
Wray & Nephew - White Overproof Rum (750ml)
Wray & Nephew - White Overproof Rum (750ml)
Varietal: Rum Size: 750ml
The most popular rum in Jamaica, where it is produced, Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum boasts a concentrated, 126 Proof. It is a clear rum, distilled from fermented molasses in classic Jamaican style. It is most commonly used... Read More
Current price:  $21.99
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