St. George Spirits Absinthe 750mL (750ml)

St. George is an artisan distillery in Alameda, California overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Founded in 1982 on the principles of Old World eau de vie distillation, St. George produces in small batches on copper pot stills with locally and organically sourced ingredients, whenever possible, and never any artificial additives.

St. George Absinthe Verte is made with the traditional ingredients of wormwood, star anise and fennel as well as an array of other carefully selected herbs and botanicals which they infuse into brandy for a deep flavor profile at a full 120 proof.

St. George Absinthe Verte adds complexity to Sazeracs and mixes well in any other cocktail that calls for an anise spirit. In the tradition of la louche you may add a single, large ice cube or a little water, either of which will turn the beverage to a cloudy, milky green and further releases its aroma.

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