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Leblon - Cachaša (750ml)
Leblon - Cachaša (750ml)
Item Type: Cachaca | Size: 750ml
Cachaca is Brazil's national drink, made from fresh-pressed cane juice which is fermented and distilled. Leblon Cachaca uses techniques from the Cognac region of France to add a French touch to this Brazilian spirit, by producing... Read More
Current price:  $19.99
Ypioca Crystal Cachaca (1000)
Ypioca Crystal Cachaca (1L)
Item Type: Cachaca | Size: 1L
Ypioca is the largest estate producer of Cachaca in Brazil. Ypioca Crystal is a clear Cachaca aged for one year in special Brazilian Freijo wood barrels which impart a special taste and bouquet. Cachaca, produced through the fermentation... Read More
Current price:  $16.99
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