Baileys - Original Irish Cream Mint Chocolate (750ml)

Baileys Mint Chocolate Cream Liqueur is offers a base of Baileys Irish Cream with undertones of mint and hints of dark chocolate. Chill a bottle in the fridge and serve in a shot glass for sipping or add to a cup of hot cocoa. 34 Proof.

Every bottle of Baileys is 50% fresh cream combined with triple distilled Irish Whiskey, sugar, and flavorings. Baileys uses only Irish milk from specially chosen Irish farms to make their cream because the cows are allowed to roam free in the pasture for nine months of the year and are fed on fine Irish grass which they believe creates a superior milk. The cream is blended with Irish whiskey through a 100% natural blending process. No preservatives are required in Baileys since the alcohol in the whiskey preserves the cream.

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