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Dekuyper Spirits (1L)

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Dekuyper - Creme de Almond (1L)
Dekuyper - Creme de Almond (1L)
Item Type: Liqueur | Size: 1L
Sweet, almond flavored liqueur by Dekuyper Royal Distillers of Holland. 56 Proof.
Current price:  $12.49
Dekuyper - Ginger Brandy (1L)
Dekuyper - Ginger Brandy (1L)
Item Type: Liqueur | Size: 1L
Made by Dekuyper Royal Distilleries of Holland of fine brandy infused with ginger extract. Use for mixing cocktails. DeKuyper was founded in 1695, and today, DeKuypers features over 50 flavors of cordials, liqueurs, cremes, brandies... Read More
Current price:  $13.99
Dekuyper - Triple Sec (1L)
Dekuyper - Triple Sec (1L)
Item Type: Cordials & Liqueurs | Size: 1L
Dekuyper Triple Sec Liqueur is made from distilled extracts of oranges and curacao fruit, delicately blended to preserve the orange flavor. A popular cocktail component in such drinks as a Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita,... Read More
Current price:  $9.98
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